Axiom Verge: In-Game Story and Plot


Axiom Verge: In-Game Story and Plot

Axiom Verge is an independent science fiction action-adventure game. Developed in 2015, the game was designed by Thomas Happ. The game is in a retro pixel graphics style and carries classic features of the Metroidvania genre. Axiom Verge’s in-game story and fiction offer players the opportunity to journey through a fascinating and mysterious world.


The main character of the game, a scientist named Trace, is doing an experiment in his laboratory when an explosion occurs and he loses consciousness. Trace finds himself on a planet called Exile. Encountering conflicts on this planet, Trace encounters a woman named Zuhra and begins working with her to complete various missions.

Embarking on an extensive journey of discovery on the Planet of Exile, Trace confronts his mysterious world. He encounters new powers and challenges in each episode. Players must collect various clues and explore the game world to discover Trace’s past and how he ended up on the planet Exile due to the explosion.

The story of the game consists of a unique universe that reveals various secrets. While exploring this world, Trace encounters different characters and gets clues from them. Players need to learn the history and purpose of the characters. The story is told in an immersive way, transporting players into a deep science fiction universe.


Axiom Verge attracts attention with its in-game fictional universe and story. The game has a large world to explore and different enemies are encountered in different areas. In each episode, Trace must defeat enemies with new weapons and abilities.

Feature Description Pixel Graphics Axiom Verge uses pixel graphics to create a nostalgic atmosphere. These graphics take players back to the 8-bit era. Non-Linear Gameplay The game features a large world where players can determine their own path. Players can progress the story by gaining new abilities and discovering secret areas. Multiple Weapon System In the game, players must use various weapons and abilities. This stands out as a strategic element of the game. Mysterious and Deep Universe Axiom Verge invites players to navigate a rich universe full of secrets and mysterious characters. This universe has many secrets and side stories to discover.

Axiom Verge offers players an exciting experience with its in-game story and fiction. It is considered one of the best examples of its genre in terms of both storytelling and gameplay. The game gives players the chance to journey through a science fiction world and uncover secrets.

  • Players must search for clues to discover who Trace is and how he came to be on the planet Exile.
  • He must defeat enemies and discover secret areas by gaining new abilities in each episode.
  • Players must interact with mysterious characters and learn the secrets deep within the universe.
  • You should have a strategic gameplay experience with nostalgic pixel graphics and various weapons.
  • Axiom Verge takes players to an unknown world with its gripping story.

Axiom Verge offers players an unforgettable experience with its in-game story and fiction. With retro pixel graphics, a rich universe and mysterious characters, the game is a great option for lovers of the Metroidvania genre. There are many secrets and side stories to be discovered in the depths of the game. If you’re a science fiction fan, Axiom Verge has you covered!

Axiom Verge is an independent video game with a science fiction theme, and the exciting in-game story and impressive plot of this game attract players. In this article, we will examine Axiom Verge’s characters and the relationships between the characters in more detail.

1. Trace

Trace is our main character and a scientist who focuses on the story of the game. Trace has an accident during an experiment in his laboratory and finds himself in an unknown world. Players guide Trace as he explores this mysterious world.


Elsenova is a computer, an artificial intelligence in the Axiom Verge universe. Elsenova contacts Trace to help him and gives him tips and directions. Elsenova is an important character who helps players understand the story and progress the game.

3. Athetus

Athetos is a mysterious character from Axiom Verge. Athetos is a man who helps players in strange ways but is thought to have mysterious intentions. Discovering his true purpose and intentions plays an important role in the game’s story progression.

4. Rusalki

Rusalki is one of the enemy characters of Axiom Verge. These characters represent the dangers of the mysterious world and act aggressively towards players. While Rusalki try to hinder the players’ progress, they can also provide them with important information to solve the mystery.

5. ukhu

Ukhu is one of Axiom Verge’s other enemy characters. This character uses different tactics to attack players and forces them to be careful. Discovering Ukhu’s powers and weaknesses is important for players to survive and succeed against tough enemies.

Character Features Relationships Trace Scientist, cooperation with main character Elsenova, conflict with Athetos Elsenova Artificial intelligence, guiding character Help Trace, a mysterious relationship with Athetos Athetos Conflict with mysterious character Trace, unclear relationship with Rusalki and Ukhu Rusalki Enemy character Trace Attack on, providing important information Ukhu Attack on enemy character Trace, survival difficulty

Axiom Verge is a game that manages to fascinate players with the variety of characters and the interactions between them. Trace’s relationships with other characters throughout his adventure increase the excitement and mystery of the game. Most importantly, players need to carefully follow the development of the story to understand the characters’ true purpose and intentions.

Axiom Verge’s fascinating in-game story and fiction immerses players in the science fiction world and offers them an adventurous experience. The relationships between the characters and the players’ process of solving the story are important elements that ensure the successful progress of the game.

Axiom Verge is a game that is a unique combination of science fiction and metroidvania genre. The story and universe of the game take players on a mysterious journey and provide an extremely impressive experience. The main theme of the game, “The Mysterious Universe of Axiom Verge and Worlds to Visit”, allows us to go deeper into the story and fiction that constitute the basic building block of the game.

Mysterious Universe and Different Planets

  • Axiom Verge, where the mysterious universe is explored, offers players the opportunity to explore different planets. Each planet has its own unique atmosphere, creatures and configuration. As players navigate this universe, they discover the beauty and dangers of different worlds.
  • The structure of each planet is filled with maze-like corridors, challenging platforms and secret passages. While exploring these, it becomes possible to go deeper and solve mysteries by obtaining various weapons and abilities.

Story and Fiction

The story of Axiom Verge takes players on an incredible journey between reality and the virtual world. Trace, the main character of the game, loses consciousness as a result of a laboratory explosion and gets trapped in the Mysterious Universe. While Trace tries to understand the creatures, behaviors and technologies that live in this universe, he also tries to discover his own past and who he is.

As the story progresses, Trace’s past and the secrets of the Mysterious Universe are revealed. Players try to solve these mysteries by completing the tasks and piecing together clues. Behind every puzzle and secret lies a new discovery and more mysteries.

Gameplay and Game Mechanics

Axiom Verge has a gameplay structure similar to classic metroidvania games. The game is based on basic mechanics such as exploring, platform jumping, defeating enemies and solving puzzles. Additionally, players have the opportunity to upgrade Trace’s abilities and acquire new weapons.

It is possible to encounter many enemies in the game, and various weapons and abilities are used to fight these enemies. It is also possible to control some enemies by communicating with them and use these abilities. This offers players the opportunity for both variety and a strategic approach.

Visual and Sound Design

Axiom Verge’s visual design stands out with its retro-style pixel art. This style offers players a nostalgic feeling and adds depth to the atmosphere of the game. Each planet has its own unique look and atmosphere, allowing players to virtually teleport themselves to different worlds.

The sound design of the game is also quite impressive. Each planet has its own unique arrangement of music and sound. Thus, it further deepens the atmosphere of the game and encourages players to explore further.


Axiom Verge is a great option for players who love exploring a mysterious universe. The game’s impressive story, deep fiction, immersive game mechanics and atmosphere attract players and cause them to get lost in the world of the game for hours. Axiom Verge’s Mysterious Universe and Worlds to Travel offers an experience not to be missed to live this unforgettable experience.

Axiom Verge is an action and adventure game developed in 2015 by Tom Happ, an independent video game developer. The game has a unique style and draws players in with a very interesting story. In addition to having retro-style graphics and music, Axiom Verge offers a gaming experience full of surprises. In this article, we will discuss the ending of Axiom Verge and the surprises it contains in detail.

A Mysterious World: Sudra

The story of Axiom Verge begins with the protagonist, a scientist named Trace, losing consciousness. Trace finds himself in the mysterious world of Sudra, where he encounters various surprises while navigating. Although Sudra appears to be an alien planet, it is actually a reflection of Trace’s own mind. By helping Trace regain his memory, the player discovers Sudra while also unraveling the mysteries of the story.

Deepening Fiction

Axiom Verge deepens the story not only through in-game narration, but also through various diaries, letters, and other documents. Players explore these documents to learn more about Sudra’s history, fictional companies, and characters. These documents make players feel that the game world is expanding further and show that the story is not just something that is on the surface.

In-Game Content Full of Surprises

Axiom Verge not only offers a deep story, but also a gaming experience full of surprises. Surprises in the game, such as secret passages, power-ups and doors opening to different worlds, are waiting for players to discover. These surprises provide important tips and power-ups to overcome later game challenges and access new areas.

Various Monsters and Bosses

Axiom Verge not only offers players the experience of exploring and platform jumping, but also requires fighting enemies. It is necessary to use strategy and powerful weapons while encountering various monsters and bosses in the game. These enemies, each with unique characteristics, add excitement to the game and test the player’s skills.

Surprise Description Secret Passages There are secret passages in the game, and these passages allow players to access new areas. Power-ups By collecting power-ups, players can strengthen Trace’s abilities and take on tougher enemies. World Transitions It is possible to move to different worlds in the game, and each world offers a different atmosphere and difficulty level.

Axiom Verge is a successful action and adventure game that offers a gaming experience full of surprises. While players discover a deep story, they also encounter various surprises. The world of Sudra manages to attract players with its fascinating graphics and atmosphere. At the same time, surprises in the game such as secret passages, power-ups and world transitions increase the replayability of the game and attract players. If you like games with retro-style graphics and an exciting story, you should definitely try Axiom Verge!

Axiom Verge is an indie video game developed by Tom Happ. In this game that takes players on an adventure on a mysterious planet, they encounter unique creatures and dangers. In this article, I will give detailed information about the creatures and dangers in the Axiom Verge game.


Axiom Verge features an atmospheric science fiction world and invites players to encounter many different creatures in this world. These creatures have a structure that becomes more complex as the game progresses. Here are some important creatures in the game and their features:

Creature Name Characteristics Scout is a small and fast-moving creature. Uses sneaky tactics to hunt down players. Xenomorph is one of the most dangerous creatures in the game. It offers players a great challenge with its fast and powerful attacks. Carver is a creature whose structure can be changed. It adapts to natural environments to attack players and can appear in unexpected ways. Exploder is a creature prone to Explosion. It explodes when it gets close to players, causing massive damage.

The visual designs of the creatures in the game are very detailed and fit into the atmosphere of the game. The unique characteristics of each creature require players to use different tactics as they progress through the game.


Axiom Verge offers players mechanics to escape or deal with not only creatures but also other dangers. Examples of these dangers are:

  • Lava: Lava in the game deals great damage to players if they come into contact with it. It is necessary to be careful and stay away from lava areas.
  • Swordsman: Moving and possessing deadly energy, squires are hazards that players must carefully time their passage through.
  • Laser Turret: Automatically firing laser turrets, dealing direct damage to players. Learning the firing timing of these turrets and dodging them is important to survive in the game.
  • Obstacle Passages: Axiom Verge also includes a number of blocking mechanisms used to hinder players from progressing. Avoiding or neutralizing these obstacle passages is important for players to explore the game world.

Creatures and dangers are integrated into Axiom Verge’s in-game story and fiction. Every creature and hazard encountered in the game serves a purpose, hindering players’ progress or leaving them in dangerous situations. As the story progresses, more information is discovered about why these creatures and dangers appear and how they are controlled.

All these creatures and dangers add difficulty and depth to the Axiom Verge game. Combining with the atmosphere and story of the game, it offers players a unique experience. If you’re looking for an adventure full of science fiction and exploration, Axiom Verge might be for you.

Axiom Verge is an indie metroidvania video game developed and published by Tom Happ in 2015. The game has a very impressive story and gripping fiction. Axiom Verge features an adventure about a scientist finding himself in a parallel universe and pursuing a mysterious power.

Basic Story

The story of Axiom Verge tells the story of the main character, a scientist named Trace, who finds himself in a parallel universe as a result of a laboratory explosion. When Trace finds himself in this alien world called Sudra, he is left without his memories and faced with the deadly creatures of this mysterious world.

Throughout the game, Trace conducts research and tries to understand the structure of the world while exploring Sudra. After some time, Trace discovers a laboratory on Earth, where he finds links to an event that took place in Russia during the Cold War. Through his investigation, Trace discovers that Sudra’s creatures and environment are actually computer programs and are controlled by a consciousness.

As the story progresses, Trace discovers more mysteries deep within Sudra while being armed with more powers and weapons. He learns that Sudra’s consciousness is under the control of the Axiom Verge, a special organic weapon that pretends to be living and dead. Trace fights to save the world and himself by taking over the Axiom Verge.


Axiom Verge’s fiction combines science fiction and philosophy elements to provide an experience that deeply affects the player. The game offers the opportunity to explore a story set in many different universes and full of alternative realities.

Axiom Verge also attracts attention with its retro-style visuals and atmosphere. The game uses the aesthetics of classic games of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, but has been recreated with a modern approach. This is an element that further emphasizes the fictional world of the game.

The designs of the enemies, characters and environments in the game are quite impressive and detailed. The stories and connections behind each character and enemy provide the player with a deeper fictional world.

Axiom Verge’s music is also an important element that supports its fiction. The electronic music used in the game has an effect that draws the players deeper and complements the atmosphere of the story.


Axiom Verge is a metroidvania experience that stands out with its great in-game story and fiction. Immersing players in an immersive story, Axiom Verge leaves a lasting impression by successfully blending science fiction and philosophy elements. It strengthens the fictional world of the game with its retro-style visuals, detailed character designs and impressive music. Axiom Verge is definitely a must-have experience for gamers who love the metroidvania genre.

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