Asura’s Wrath: A Guide to Every Character in the Game


Asura’s Wrath: A Guide to Every Character in the Game

Asura’s Wrath is an action-oriented video game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Capcom in 2012. In the game, we control a warrior named Asura and find ourselves in epic battles with Gods and other magical beings. Each of the characters in the game has different abilities and we encounter more characters as the game progresses. Here’s a guide to some of the main characters in Asura’s Wrath:

1. Asura

  • Asura is the main character of the game. Asura, the guardian of the Earth, is a warrior who once held a high position among the Gods.
  • Thanks to his powerful fighting abilities, Asura strikes fear into his enemies and destroys everything he fights against.
  • You can earn XP (experience points) throughout the game to improve their attack and defense.

2. Yasha

  • Yasha is a character who is Asura’s former friend and current enemy. He has conflicts with Asura because he betrayed him and crossed paths with Asura.
  • Yasha attracts attention with his fast and sharp movements and deals great damage to his enemies with his projection abilities.
  • By directing Yasha, you can create various combinations and perform special attacks.

3rd August

  • Augus is Asura’s greatest rival. He attracts attention with his combat skills and charming personality.
  • Augus is a character who has mastered the use of swords and uses his sword to perfect his attacks.
  • In the game, you can control Augus in third-person shooter mode and destroy enemies using his abilities.


  • Deus is a god who wants to avenge Asura and draws attention with his powerful abilities.
  • Deus is a very dangerous foe, using a combination of advanced technology and magic against his enemies.
  • By directing Deus in the game, you can perform terrifying attack combinations and fight one of the biggest bosses of the game.

5. Mithra

  • Mithra is the daughter of Asura and appears as an important story element of the game.
  • Not only does he control Asura’s power, he also has some important abilities, and we interact with him as the story progresses.
  • As we fight against various enemies to protect Mithra, we develop an emotional bond with her.

Character Strengths Weaknesses Asura Strong fighting abilities, devastating attacks Slow movement, low stamina Yasha Fast and sharp movements, high damage ability Low stamina, limited defensive abilities Augus Swordsmanship, strong attacks Low movement speed, weak defense Deus Advanced technology and magic combination, powerful attacks Poor durability, slow movement Mithra Special abilities, emotional bond Weak combat abilities, invulnerability

Asura’s Wrath is a game that stands out with its impressive story and diverse characters. Each character in the game has its own unique characteristics and abilities. Choosing the character that suits your playing style and using its advantages will provide you with a better gaming experience.

Asuras Wrath: Guide to Every Character in the Game – Battles and StrategiesAsuras Wrath is an action game that fascinates gamers with its masterfully created characters and an impressive story. In this article, we will explore the combat skills of each character in Asuras Wrath and the strategies they can use. We will analyze each character’s strengths, weaknesses and optics. Here’s a comprehensive guide to battles and strategies in Asuras Wrath.

1. Asura

Asura, the main character of Asuras Wrath, gets his power from his anger. He uses the help of On Nama to discover his own warrior skills. Asura is a character balanced in terms of speed, strength and durability. He is especially effective in close combat and can destroy his enemies by crushing them.


  • Use your anger to perform special attacks. As your anger fills up, you can make more powerful attacks.
  • Track your enemies’ attacks and predict their timing. You can prevent attacks with agile movements.
  • Improve your freestyle fighting skills and inflict intense damage on your enemies using combos.

2. Yasha

Yasha is a great ally of Asura and is an agile fighter. It provides superiority over its enemies with its fast attacks and acrobatic moves. Yasha’s main power is an ability called “Sky Ascension”, with which he can lift his enemies off the ground and deal damage to his target.


  • Keep your attacks fast and sharp. You can overcome enemies’ defenses by using their gaps.
  • Use your “Rise to the Sky” ability effectively against enemies.
  • Instead of blocking enemies’ attacks, dodge them. Yasha can dodge attacks thanks to his agility.


Deus is one of Asuras Wrath’s strongest enemies. An important strategy is to use its power. Deus challenges Asura using a variety of attacks and can cause powerful destruction.


  • While attacking him, move constantly and dodge his attacks.
  • Be wary of Deus, who can use his rage mode to deliver more devastating attacks.
  • Constantly defend against their powerful attacks. It is important to block Deus’ attacks.

4. Kalrow

Kalrow is an enemy that causes Asura to fight bravely. Using his special ability, “Chaos Height”, he harnesses the energy in the environment and performs dangerous attacks.


  • It is important to keep track of Kalrow’s attacks. By anticipating their attacks, you can dodge or defend.
  • When your enemy attacks, move quickly and gain an advantage against him by dodging left and right.

Asuras Wrath is a game that presents each character’s combat skills in a unique way. In this article, we explored the main battle strategies of characters such as Asura, Yasha, Deus and Kalrow. By using the strengths of each character, you can manage to overcome all the difficult battles of the game. When you’re ready, get ready to fight against your enemies and rise to the top of the world of Asuras Wrath!

Asura’s Wrath: A Guide to Every Character in the GameAsura’s Wrath is an exciting action game developed and published by Capcom. This game tells the story of the warrior named Asura and offers the opportunity to interact with different characters that appear throughout the game. Asura’s anger, power and determination lead players into a deep adventure. Each character in the game has different abilities and roles. Here are some important characters in Asura’s Wrath:

1. Asura

Asura is the main protagonist of the game. He is a powerful warrior who once fought alongside the gods. However, after being seduced, they declare him wrong and kidnap his daughter Mithra. Asura returns for revenge and begins fighting the gods. Asura has tremendous power and anger. His combat skills and attack combos are quite impressive.

2. Yasha

Yasha is Asura’s best friend and ally. Yasha is known for his composure and strategic skills. He helps balance Asura’s anger and fights against his enemies using his Oni powers. In Asura’s story, Yasha is an important character and struggles to bring out the good in Asura.


Deus is Asura’s archenemy. He is the leader of his gods and uses people to serve his own ambitions. Deus attracts attention with his tactics and powerful attacks. He resorts to all kinds of tricks to defeat Asura. Players witness an epic battle between Asura and Deus.


Wyzen is an enemy of gigantic size that Asura faces. As a god, his giant body and powerful attacks make him a fearsome foe. Wyzen is known for the different attack techniques he uses to challenge Asura in battle. This extraordinary boss character allows players to engage in a challenging challenge that requires skill and strategy. We have only touched on some characters in this list, but there are actually many more characters in the Asura’s Wrath game. Each plays an important role in Asura’s story and offers players a unique experience. The game’s impressive graphics and action-packed gameplay ensure that Asura’s Wrath offers a breathtaking experience. This guide offers a look at the main characters of the Asura’s Wrath game. Each character has different abilities and stories, and players can discover more details by interacting with them throughout the game. This adventure-filled game is a perfect option for players looking for excitement. Character Strengths Weaknesses Asura Immense strength, rage and attack combos Quick anger Yasha Coolness, strategy and Oni powers Extreme skepticism Deus Tactical intelligence and powerful attacks God complex Wyzen Giant size and powerful attack techniques Slow movement Asura’s Wrath, with its diversity of characters and gripping story It affects game lovers. Players team up with these different characters, trying to understand and exploit each character’s strengths and weaknesses. It is important to take advantage of the abilities of these characters to join Asura’s journey and help him get his revenge. Asura’s Wrath attracts attention with the characters’ impressive designs and unique features. Each character players encounter throughout the game adds a new layer to the depths of the adventure. In this action-packed game, each character’s guidance and story provide an exciting experience.

Asura’s Wrath is an action-adventure game developed by Capcom and released in 2012. There are many characters in the game that attract attention with their perspective changes, epic battle scenes and impressive story. In this article you will find the guide for each character in the Asura’s Wrath game. Here are tips and tactics that can help you succeed in this exciting game:

1. Asura

Asura, the main character of the game, is a god of war. Asura’s gameplay includes powerful fighting moves and fast attacks. You can perform quick combos by approaching your enemies while attacking. It is also possible to knock down huge enemies using Asura’s power. If you accumulate enough rage during the game, you can also use your special attacks called rage burst.

2. Yasha

Yasha is a character who is an ally of Asura. It has fast and effective attacks against enemies that appear in the game. An important point to consider in Yasha’s gameplay is to use his speed and agility advantage during his attacks. Therefore, you can neutralize your enemies by getting close to them and performing quick combos. You can also perform powerful attacks by triggering Yasha’s special abilities.

3rd August

Augus is a powerful rival and master of Asura. August is a character you will encounter in the critical fight scenes of the game. Fighting him in the game can be quite challenging, so it’s important to be careful. To fight against Augus, you need to overcome his defenses by making quick attacks. You can also damage him by building up rage and using your special attacks. Remember, tracking and dodging enemy attacks is also vital during battle.


Deus is one of Asura’s greatest enemies. Deus, whom you will encounter in the final of the game, is a very strong and durable character. When fighting against Deus, it is important to pay attention to the rhythm of his attacks. You need to use the right timing to block his attacks. Also, an important tactic is to find its weak points and launch attacks against them. You can cause great damage to him, especially by using powerful attacks such as rage explosion.

Table: Game Characters and Features

Character Playing Style Strengths Weaknesses Asura Strong fighting moves, fast attacks Ability to neutralize huge enemies, use anger blast Yasha with limited mobility Fast and effective attacks Speed ​​and agility advantage, strong special abilities Low durability Overcoming Augus Defense, fast attacks Strong attacks Weak defense Deus Rhythmic attacks, accurate timing Strong and durable Tough attacks, weak points

Asura’s Wrath is a game with challenging enemies and epic battle scenes. The fact that each character has different abilities and weak points is a feature that enriches the game. By following this guide, you can use the characters’ strengths, identify their weak points and complete the game more easily. Have fun!

Asura’s Wrath is an exciting action-role-playing game developed by Capcom and published by CyberConnect2. This game attracts attention with its unique story and characters. Each character in the game provides a different impact on the gameplay, story and combat system. Here are some side characters and their characteristics in Asura’s Wrath.

1. Yasha

Yasha is one of the main characters in the game and Asura’s best friend. His hair is white and his eyes are orange. Yasha is an incredibly fast and agile fighter. He wields his sword expertly and performs stunning attacks on his enemies. She can also attack from a distance using energy-charged projectiles. Yasha’s most distinctive feature is his speed and movement abilities.

2nd August

Augus is one of the important characters in the game and a master of war. He attracts attention with his gray hair and pearl white outfit. Augus especially prefers to use swords and cuts his opponents expertly. In addition to his powerful physical attacks, he also performs energy-charged attacks. Augus is a formidable opponent in the game and presents a great challenge to Asura.


Deus is one of the strongest enemies we encounter in Asura’s Wrath. It creates terror in people with its blue skin, demonic appearance and frightening power. Deus can manipulate cosmic energy and perform various attacks. He can also grow to gigantic sizes, giving him the upper hand against Asura. Deus is an enemy who will test Asura’s true power.

4. Olga

Olga is another important female character in Asura’s Wrath. She attracts attention with her red hair and calm personality. Olga is an expert in using ranged attacks and magical abilities. She skillfully uses the bow and arrow and performs impressive attacks on her enemies. Olga’s traits require taking a tactical approach against her enemies in the game.

5. Mithra

Mithra is Asura’s daughter and is of great importance to him. Mithra attracts attention with her blonde hair and innocent appearance. She is a character that needs to be protected in some scenes in the play. Although Mithra’s power is limited, her presence is a source of motivation for Asura. Protecting it is important to progress in the game.


Ryu is an archaeologist looking for clues to Asura’s past. He has long black hair and a wise appearance. Ryu possesses combat abilities as well as knowledge and tactical skills. In the game, he has an important role in understanding Asura’s story. Ryu helps you connect with Asura and dive deeper into the story.

7. Kalrow

Kalrow is a tactician in Asura’s Wrath and is an expert at leading his troops. He has a treacherous appearance with his dark skin and black dress. Kalrow is armed with magic and dark powers. In addition, he has the ability to control creatures. Kalrow must be handled carefully as he is a formidable opponent against Asura.

Character Features Yasha Fast, agile and swordsman Augus War master, powerful physical and energy attacks Deus Blue skin, cosmic energy manipulation, ability to transform to gigantic sizes Olga Remote attack, use of bow and arrow, magical abilities Mithra Source of possession, protection and motivation Ryu Knowledge, tactical and combat abilities Kalrow Tactical expert, armed with magic and dark powers

Asura’s Wrath offers players an unforgettable experience with its fascinating story and diverse characters. Each character’s unique characteristics and abilities enrich players’ gaming experience. While playing the game, you can improve your strategies by consulting the guide of these characters and choose the right character to defeat the enemies.

Asura’s Wrath is a frantic action-themed fighting game developed by Capcom. Our main character named Asura is a demigod, a symbol of fighting the Gods. Players can dive into this fantasy world as they join Asura’s epic adventure and fight against his enemies using his powerful abilities. In this guide, we will provide a detailed analysis covering the characteristics and skills of Asura, as well as other characters in the game.


Asura is our main character in the game and has incredible power. They have the ability to control lightning, perform furious attacks, and transform into gigantic size. His aim in the game is to save his daughter Mithra, who was unjustly imprisoned by the gods. Asura has an incredible desire for revenge and does not hesitate to overcome any obstacle for this purpose.


Yasha is Asura’s powerful rival and also his closest friend. Yasha is also a demigod and has a fast, mobile fighting style. Yasha, a swordsman, cuts down his opponents with his sharp sword. He also has extraordinary speed and can fearlessly jump on his enemies and neutralize them.


Augus is a general who fights with the gods and is one of the strongest warriors. He fights with a massive sword, Wailing Dark, and is an outstanding swordsman. Augus slashes and slashes his enemies mercilessly and has incredible durability. Facing him will definitely be a tough challenge.


Deus is the archenemy of Asura and the leader of the gods. He is a character who aims to fill the world with evil. Since Deus is a god with powers, he has magical abilities. He tries to defeat Asura with his abilities such as exploding energy ball, energy attacks and transformation. Using Asura’s powers, players must find Deus’ weak points and launch his attacks at the right time in order to defeat him.

Character Abilities Asura Controlling lightning, growing to gigantic sizes Yasha Fast and sharp fighting, high mobility Augus Sharp swordsmanship, high durability Deus Exploding energy ball, energy attacks

  • Asura’s Wrath is a fighting game set in an action-packed world.
  • Asura is the main character who fights to save the gods’ daughter who has been unjustly imprisoned.
  • Yasha is Asura’s strongest rival and friend.
  • Augus is one of the most powerful of the gods and a master of swords.
  • Deus is Asura’s archenemy and has magical abilities.

Asura’s Wrath stands out as a game that attracts attention with its epic story and successful character designs. Each character’s different abilities and unique characteristics offer players a variety of play styles. Players must use careful strategies to gain the upper hand against their enemies and overcome the challenges they face.

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