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Fighting Techniques Used in The Cursed Crusade Game

Fighting Techniques Used in The Cursed Crusade Game

The Cursed Crusade is a video game developed by Frédérick Raynal and falls into the category of fighting games. The game, which has the dark atmosphere of the middle ages, fascinates the players with its fighting scenes. In this article, we will discuss in detail the fighting techniques used in the game The Cursed Crusade.

1. Weapon Types and Their Uses

In The Cursed Crusade game, there are various weapons that players can use. Different types of weapons, such as swords, swords, axes, spears and more, allow players to use different strategies during combat. Each weapon has its own unique attack and blocking technique. Some weapons allow for fast attacks, while others allow you to perform slower but powerful attacks.

The game also has the option to use a shield. The shield helps protect you from enemy attacks and increases your blocking ability. This is an ideal option for players who want to take a more defensive approach.

2. Combination and Breaking Techniques

To fight in The Cursed Crusade, you don't just have to press a single attack button. In the game, you need to neutralize the enemies with combination techniques. Making combinations by pressing different buttons in a certain order allows you to perform more powerful attacks.

However, breaking techniques can also be used in the game. Breaking the enemy's shield or defense allows you to inflict more damage. This technique disrupts the enemies' defensive strategies, making them defenseless and allowing you to gain an advantage.

3. Escaping and Retreating from Enemies

When fighting enemies in the game, just attacking is not enough. It is also very important to strategically escape and retreat from enemies. Good timing skills are required to avoid enemies' attacks and preserve your health.

In The Cursed Crusade game, there are some escape techniques that players can use. These include movements such as jumping sideways, rolling, or moving backwards quickly. These techniques help you evade the enemy's attack and move to a more advantageous position.

4. Binary Fight

In the game, characters called The Cursed Crusade have the option of dual combat with each other. Dual combat allows players to defeat enemies together. During dual combat, two characters can support each other, perform combination moves, and perform stronger attacks together.

It is important to take a strategic approach when fighting dually. While one character is attacking, the other must block the enemy or break their attacks. In this way, enemies can be defeated more effectively and players' health can be protected.

5. Additional Features: Life Level and Energy Recharge

In The Cursed Crusade game, players need to pay attention to additional features such as life level and energy recharge. The life level indicates the player's health and decreases as they come under enemy attacks. Therefore, it is important to avoid or neutralize enemies to maintain your life level.

Energy charging allows the use of special abilities. Special abilities give players an advantage during combat. You must use your energy carefully and strategically activate your special abilities.

Weapon Attack Damage Speed ​​Blocking Rate Sword High Medium Medium Spear Medium Fast Low Shield Low Slow High

The fighting techniques used in The Cursed Crusade game allow players to use various strategies. Weapon types, combination and breaking techniques, escaping and retreating movements from enemies, and dual combat options offer players different fighting experiences. You can also gain the upper hand in fights by paying attention to additional features such as life level and energy recharge.

The use of strategy and tactics is vital to ensure success in war games. In this article, we will discuss in detail the fighting techniques used in The Cursed Crusade game. Remember that the game requires you to make strategic decisions and fight your enemies effectively in order to be successful.

1. Defense and Block

In The Cursed Crusade game, you need to use defensive techniques to protect yourself from enemy attacks. You must block in time to minimize the damage that can be caused by various attacks. Successfully using the blocking technique by accurately predicting the moments of attack will ensure your survival.

2. Quick Attacks

Making quick attacks is important in The Cursed Crusade, where many enemies have extreme durability. You need to make fast and sharp attacks to overcome the enemy's defenses and cause more damage. Anticipating your enemy's movements and attacking at the right time will ensure your success.

3. Combo Attacks

Making combo attacks is an important strategy to neutralize your enemies in The Cursed Crusade. By using different attack combinations, you can break the enemy's defenses and deal more damage. You can create powerful combo attacks by creating combinations with different weapons and abilities.

4. Use of Abilities

There are different abilities in the game, and using these abilities effectively will give you an advantage. You can gain superiority in the fight by using abilities that will stun your enemies, slow them down or give them extra damage at the right time. Managing talent properly is part of the strategy.

5. Joint Battle Mode

In the cooperative battle mode of The Cursed Crusade, you need to coordinate your strategies and tactics well with your allies. By communicating effectively with your allies, you will be able to overcome the difficulties of the game. By planning, you can act together by targeting the strong points of the enemies.

Fighting Technique Description Defense and Block Using blocking techniques to protect from enemy attacks. Quick Attacks Effectively neutralize enemies with fast and sharp attacks. Combo Attacks Breaking the enemy's defenses by performing different attack combinations. Use of Skills Gaining advantage by using different skills at the right times. Joint War Mode: Collaborate with your allies to make strategic plans.
  • Keep a good eye on enemies' attacks to improve their defensive and blocking abilities.
  • Choose weapons that can deliver fast attacks and increase your speed by using abilities if necessary.
  • Try combinations of different abilities for combo attacks and surprise enemies.
  • To use your talents correctly, manage your energy well and save it when necessary.
  • Emphasize communication and work together on your strategy in co-op battle mode.

The use of strategy and tactics is the key to successfully combating enemies in The Cursed Crusade. By using the above fighting techniques, you can strengthen your character, defeat enemies and complete the game victoriously. Have fun!

Video games offer players the excitement of immersing themselves in different worlds. Full of fun graphics and immersive stories, games offer a different experience by taking people away from the real world. Focusing on sword and combat skills, The Cursed Crusade stands out as a game that asks you to push the limits of your fighting skills. In this article, we will discuss in detail the fighting techniques used in The Cursed Crusade game.

Block Technique

One of the most important skills to survive in the game is blocking. Instead of avoiding your enemies' attacks, you counter them with the right timing. For this technique, you must use the right and left mouse buttons at the right time. When you can block correctly, you can block your enemy's attack and even give yourself an advantage.

Attack Combinations

A single attack move may not be enough to fight in The Cursed Crusade. Players can perform combinations of attacks to defeat their enemies. By combining different attack buttons, you can perform more powerful and effective attack moves. By using the right combination, you can surprise your enemies and defeat them quickly.

Serial Movements

Fighting in The Cursed Crusade isn't just limited to attacks. By using rapid movements, you can surprise your enemies and expose them. Once you place your attacks correctly, you can perform additional moves. Rapid movements help you bypass your enemy's defenses and increase the effectiveness of your attacks.

You can also surprise your enemies with acrobatic moves. You can distract your enemy and gain superiority over him by using the various platforms and obstacles in the game. You can attack your enemy by making a high jump or defeat him with an impressive acrobatic move.

Fighting Together

You don't have to fight alone in The Cursed Crusade. Since the game has a co-op feature, you can fight together. By cooperating with your friend, you can defeat your enemies and overcome tougher opponents. Working together, you can make different combinations of attacks and move freely. By helping each other, you can complete the game more easily.

Strategy on the Battlefield

Since The Cursed Crusade is a game set on battlefields, it also requires strategic thinking. You must observe your enemies well, figure out their strategies and act accordingly. Taking the right position on the battlefield and making effective attacks is the key to victory. You can increase your advantage by using the desktops and obstacles in the game.

Defense After Attack

Defending after attacking an enemy can keep you protected. After the attack, you must be ready for your enemy's counter attack. By blocking quickly, you can block your enemy's attack and save your situation.


The fighting techniques used in The Cursed Crusade game offer players a real fighting experience. You can defeat your enemies with block techniques, attack combinations, rapid movements and strategic thinking skills. By playing together with your friend, you can become stronger and defeat tough enemies. The Cursed Crusade is an exciting option for players who want to experience realistic combat.

The fighting techniques used in Cursed Crusade require players to use handheld weapons effectively. These weapons are of great importance to the success of the game and provide many advantages when used correctly. In this article, we will examine the advantages and uses of handheld guns in detail.

1. Diversity

Handheld weapons represent different combat styles in the game. You can choose from a variety of weapons such as swords, axes, and spears. Each weapon has a different attack speed, range and damage. This variety allows players to choose the weapon that suits their playstyle.

2. Mobility

During combat, handheld weapons provide mobility and speed advantages. You can move faster by using light swords or daggers instead of large heavy weapons. This helps you perform more agile and effective attacks against your enemies. At the same time, fast attacks make it difficult for the enemy to defend and reduce the time to respond.

3. Defense

Some handheld weapons can be used for both offense and defense. For example, shields can be used to block enemy attacks and reduce damage. At the same time, some weapons can be used to negate the effect of the enemy's attacks. With the right timing, it is possible to fend off enemy attacks with handheld weapons.

4. Tactical Advantages

Handheld weapons provide tactical advantages. For example, you can neutralize your enemies from afar using a long-range weapon. Likewise, you can make more effective attacks by approaching enemies with a short-range weapon. With the right strategies and weapon combinations, you can focus on your enemies' weak points thanks to handheld weapons.

5. Transformation Ability

In Cursed Crusade, handheld weapons offer the ability to transform. This allows players to adapt their weapons to various situations and enemies. For example, you can transform your sword into a spear and attack your enemies from a distance. This increases players' flexibility and allows them to adapt to any situation.

Weapon Attack Speed ​​Range Damage Sword Medium Medium Medium Axe Slow Short High Spear Fast Long Medium
  • Handheld weapons offer variety in gameplay and provide options to suit your playstyle.
  • It allows you to move faster and makes your attacks more effective.
  • It can be used for both attack and defense.
  • It provides tactical advantages and helps you reveal enemies' weak points.
  • It adapts to any situation thanks to its various transformation capabilities.

The advantages and use of handheld weapons are important to your success in Cursed Crusade. By using these advantages correctly, you can defeat your enemies and win tough fights. It is possible to gain tactical advantage by choosing weapons appropriate to your playing style and situation. As a warrior armed with hand-held weapons, get ready to defend your kingdom!

The Cursed Crusade is an action game set in a turbulent Medieval period. In the game, the characters must fight against powerful enemies using protective shields. This article will focus on the protective shield tactics used in The Cursed Crusade game in detail.

Basic Functions of Protective Shield

A protective shield is a defensive tool used to protect the character's body from possible attacks. It can also be used to block enemy attacks, reduce blows and make counterattacks during attacks. In The Cursed Crusade, a protective shield is vital for characters to survive and gain strategic advantage.

Protective Shield Using Techniques

To use the protective shield effectively during the game, it is important to pay attention to the following techniques:

1. Blocking Technique

Blocking enemy attacks using the protective shield is a basic strategy for the character's survival. It is possible to block the enemy by placing the shield in front of the character during the attack. Correct timing when blocking will provide maximum protection from enemy attacks.

2. Shield Dragging Technique

Blocking enemy attacks by dragging the shield can provide players with extra protection. While dragging the shield, you can disrupt the enemy's angle of attack, causing them to lose balance. This gives you an opportunity to defeat your enemy more easily.

3. Counterattack Technique

It is important to counterattack while blocking enemy attacks by using the protective shield correctly. After the moment of attack, you can counterattack with the shield by using the enemy's move. This can cause serious damage to the enemy and demoralize them.

4. Double Player Tactic

If you are playing with a friend in The Cursed Crusade, you have the advantage of using the double player tactic. While one player is attacking, the other player can block enemy attacks by using the protective shield. This is important to defeat powerful enemies effectively.


Using a protective shield is of great importance in The Cursed Crusade game. Techniques such as blocking, shield dragging, and counterattacking are essential for the character to survive and defeat enemies. If you are playing with a friend, you can be stronger by using double player tactics. If you apply these tactics, you can complete the game more successfully.

  • The Cursed Crusade
  • Protective Shield
  • Fighting Techniques
  • Blocking
  • Shield Drag
  • Counterattack
  • Two Player Tactics

Many games, in which players have been in the middle of war throughout history, also present fighting techniques with great effectiveness. In this context, The Cursed Crusade game offers players an exciting experience by expertly using fighting techniques. In this article, we will examine in detail the fighting techniques used in The Cursed Crusade game.

Main Fighting Techniques Used in the Game

The Cursed Crusade takes place in the Middle Ages and offers players a realistic war experience. The main fighting techniques used in the game are:

  • Sword Defense and Attacks: Players can both defend and attack using swords. Sword defense requires the ability to deflect and block enemy attacks. Sword attacks are performed to neutralize enemies.
  • Spear Throwing: Players can throw spears to neutralize enemies from a distance. Throwing spears is used as a strategic element in the game, requiring players to learn proper timing and targeting to neutralize enemies.
  • Shield Use: Players can defend themselves against enemy attacks by using a shield. Using a shield may limit mobility in the game, but it gives players additional protection.
  • Combo Moves: Players can perform more effective attacks by using combo moves during combat. Combo moves are used as a strategic gameplay element in the game, allowing players to inflict more damage on their enemies.

Special Abilities and Power-Ups

In The Cursed Crusade, players can use a variety of special abilities and power-ups to improve their fighting abilities, perform more effective attacks, and increase their strength. These special abilities include:

  • Spells: In the game, players can gain an advantage over their enemies by using various spells. Each character has different magic abilities, and players can develop different strategies to damage their enemies, heal themselves, or neutralize enemies with these spells.
  • Skill Trees: In the game, players can take advantage of a skill tree system to improve their skills. Players can strengthen their characters as they wish by distributing their points to certain abilities in this tree. The skill tree system allows players to customize their gaming experience.
  • Parry Techniques: In the game, players can block enemy attacks by parrying. Parry is a defensive move you use to block an enemy's attack and gain control. A successful parry provides an opportunity to counterattack the enemy and gives players an advantage.
  • Single and Double Weapon Use: In the game, players can diversify their fighting abilities by using single or double weapons. Single weapons are ideal for quick attacks, while dual weapons represent a more devastating and vulnerable approach.

Negative Factors and Strategies

To achieve victory in a fighting game, players must think strategically to neutralize and damage the enemy. In The Cursed Crusade, it is important for players to consider the following negative factors in order to have a successful combat performance:

  • Fatigue: In the game, characters have fatigue levels. Fatigue can affect the player's attack abilities and mobility. Therefore, it is important for players to manage their fatigue when using strategic fighting techniques.
  • Morale: Characters' morale levels can affect their fighting abilities. Players must use strategic tactics to cooperate, watch out for powerful attacks, and keep morale levels high.
  • Armor and Weapon Status: In the game, players' armor and weapons may be damaged and their effectiveness may decrease. Players must constantly check their armor and weapons and take strategic actions to repair and improve them in order to neutralize their enemies.


As a game that offers a realistic combat experience, The Cursed Crusade offers players the opportunity to practice fighting techniques. In addition to basic fighting techniques such as sword defence, spear throwing, shield use and combo moves, special abilities and power-ups such as spells, skill trees, parry techniques, single and double weapon use also play a strategic role in the game. However, in order to be successful, it is important for players to consider negative factors, maintain their morale, and use their armor and weapons correctly.

Fighting Techniques Used in The Cursed Crusade Game, Use of Strategy and Tactics in Fighting, Movements Applied to Defeat the Enemy, Advantages and Use of Hand-Carried Weapons, Tactics for Using Protective Shields, Sword Techniques Used in Fighting